Clutch Kit - Xtreme Stage 1 - GR86, GT86 & BRZ

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Xtreme Organic Clutch Kit - Stage 1 for GR86, GT86 & BRZ

The stage 1 Xtreme clutch kit uses an upgraded cover with increased clamping force, combined with an organic friction disc.

Suitable for - high performance road and trackday use - also suitable for forced induction cars up to 287 lb ft torque.

This clutch provides a very progressive engagement, making it very driver friendly and ideal for cars that spend all day in heavy traffic. Normal Clutch wear rate is very low. 

GT86 & BRZ Specific features:

Organic driveplate with sprung centre drive hub

Uprated clutch cover with 830kg clamping force. (30% Uprated)

Release bearing

Spigot bearing

Clutch alignment tool

Torque rating : 287 lb ft 

Note: Organic friction material is more susceptible to heat and is not as suitable for repeated drag type launches. For drag type launches please purchase a stage 2 or stage 3 clutch.

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