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Fensport are proud to be the official UK TRD distributor which we have been since 1998.

You will find parts for your model of Toyota or Lexus via the Fensport Shop. We hold large stocks of TRD parts but if you can't find something let us know and we will do our best to help.


Who are TRD (Toyota Racing Development)?

TRD are a group of expert technicians supporting Toyota racing activities as well as a brand which possesses the quality of pure racing.


TRD workforce


TRD leverages technologies and know-how developed through racing activities to develop and market parts compliant with safety standards (suspensions, mufflers, aero parts, etc. make driving more enjoyable. 

The definitive difference between TRD and other aftermarket part manufacturers is the high-quality we are able to achieve as a parts manufacturer directly connected to the Toyota Motor Corporation (“Toyota”). 


Combining performance and reliability, TRD provides an extensive lineup of parts that everyone can feel secure in using based for a specific application.  Utilizing vehicle data from Toyota and making use of Toyota test courses and other facilities to develop parts is the unique ability of TRD.  Through joint development with manufacturers of genuine parts, we make efficient, high-quality products.

TRD also support many forms of motorsport around the world, from Grassroots to Super GT which they have won an incredible 7 times! TRD parts are developed to be used in races and circuit runs and are widely used throughout the world.


TRD 86 Race



TRD Griffon Tsukba


Sports and Road car development is also high priority for TRD

TRD MountFuji


TRD Works Tuning


TRD lexus Aero